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Welcome to the Winter Conference Post-Event Lobby.

Please click on the dates above to access the session handouts and recordings. You will be prompted to login using your TAHC&H website username & password. 


In order to obtain continuing education, you must:

    • Watch the session(s) in their entirety
    • Complete the Overall Event Evaluation
    • Check in for each session using the QR code given out during each session and on the handout files. 
    • Complete an evaluation for each session
    • Check the Claim Credit box below each session's QR Code
    • SAVE and NEXT
    • Download your certificate.

Check in for sessions

Two Options:

TAHC&H APP (recommended) www.tahch.org/app

Web Browser www.tahch.org/ce

Go here and sign in using your TAHC&H website login. [password help: membership@tahch.org]
Click on Winter Conference
Click on My CE under the CE Manager section
 4. Click on the Add CE button
Click on the session you are attending and click Add
Enter the 5-digit QR code given out during the session and type it into the text box to the right of your session
 7. Click the check box below the code 
  8. Click on the black clipboard to complete the session evaluation.
Click SAVE.
Keep this browser tab open and repeat for each session.
Pro tip: You can write down all of the session QR Codes you attended and enter them all at once at the conclusion of the event

Where are the QR Codes for the Sessions?
QR Codes will be give out at the beginning and end of each session. You can also access the codes on the session handouts.

Is there a time limit on when I need to check in for the session?
Since this is a new CE process for everyone, we have eliminated the check in time limits for this first event.

Can I use the app for checking in to a session that I watched as a recording instead of live?
Yes – same processes apply for obtaining credit. Please note: The deadline for claiming CE's is March 31, 2021.

Claim your certificate
NOTE: Your Continuing Education certificate will list the completion date for each session which is determined by the date you complete the session evaluation. Please be sure to complete the evaluations and claim your CE's by March 31, 2021.

Can be completed on the TAHC&H App or on a Web Browser. You must have the following data completed:

  1. QR Codes Entered for Each Session
  2. Evaluation Completed for Each Session
  3. Overall Evaluation Completed for the event


    1. Go to the Winter Conference event section of the app and click on the CE Certificate dashboard button
    2. Jump down to step 2 of Web Browser section for further instructions.


  • Web Browser
  1. Go here and sign in using your TAHC&H website login. [password help: membership@tahch.org]
  2. Click on Winter Conference
  3. Click on My CE under the CE Manager section
  4. In the MY CE Sessions section, complete the overall Event Evaluation
  5. In the Claimed Credits Section, be sure to:
  6. Enter the QR Codes for each session and click SAVE
  7. Complete the Evaluations for each session
  8. Check the Claim Credits box under each session's QR Code
  9. Click NEXT
  10. Click the attestation and click Finished
  11. To print, click on CERTIFICATE and to email it, click EMAIL (certificate will be sent as a .pdf attachment to the email of your choice.